Help Us Rebrand WYB

For years, Warrington Youth Baseball has been defined by three simple initials, WYB. The travel side of WYB has ranged in names from the Lumberkings, to the Barbarians, to the Diamond Kings and so on. Each team, branded to be unique under the umbrella of WYB.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback over the past year, many asking why Warrington Youth Baseball doesn’t have a ‘mascot’ or overall organizational identity. Warwick is known as the Bulldogs. Doylestown are the Tigers. Local Middle Schools and High Schools brand themselves as one.

Now is your opportunity to help brand WYB!
Over the remaining days in December, you will help to select a new identity for Warrington Youth Baseball.

Final Round:
Names will be voted on, ending with a new identity selected.
Deadline – Sunday, December 31st

Voting has closed. The results will be announced soon.