Revised Play-Up Policies

Starting in Spring 2016, there will be a new ‘Play-up’ policy for both the in-house and travel program.

The WYB board received extensive feedback from its members and voted to allow players to “play up” to their grade level even if their birthday falls outside the age cut-off.

The goal of this policy change is to provide each player with the opportunity to play with other players at their grade level who they will be playing baseball with in Middle School.

Playing up to grade level is allowed for both in-house and travel. For our travel programs, players may “play up” regardless of whether they play for the Blue (A), White (B), or Red (C), whereas in the past, they could only do so if they made the Blue (A) team.  Younger players in a lower grade can continue to try-out for the older travel team, but only at the Blue (A) level.

All players may play up (or down) to their grade level for in-house.

If your child chooses to tryout for a travel team at an older age due to grade level, and is selected to play on any team (Blue, White, Red), they must accept the invitation to play on whichever team (Blue, White, Red) at that age level or they will not be able to play travel baseball for Warrington Youth Baseball. If you designate that your child is only trying out at the older age level in an effort to make the Blue (A) team, and is not selected for that team, then they will be able to play travel baseball at their natural age level.

When trying out at natural age level, your child must accept the invitation to play for whichever team he is selected. If your child declines an invitation to play on the team that he is invited to play for, he will not be able to play travel baseball for Warrington Youth Baseball.

NOTE:  If a player is trying out for an older age group, the should also attend tryouts for their natural age.

If you want your child to play up, please let us know in the comments field when you register.