Volunteer Positions

Consider volunteering. There are so many needs that you don’t have to be an expert on baseball to help out. This list highlights how you can help our youth baseball organization and share the experience with your child.

Don’t complain…Volunteer!

Managers (Head Coach) – A big commitment needless to say, but help is always needed for teams ages 4 to 12(T Ball to Majors). No experience is necessary and there are plenty of “seasoned veterans” and other resources to assist you. The league of course furnishes all the needed playing equipment. We hope you will teach the game of baseball through shared knowledge and provide the training skills necessary for the players to be successful. We also expect you to work with each child’s abilities, build their self-confidence and promote team sportsmanship. Should be a good communicator to explain and demonstrate skills. Will be a good role model.

Assistant Coach – To assist the Team Manager in all duties, take control in Manager’s absence. We expect you to promote team sportsmanship. There can be the following coaches: Pitching, Catching, Batting, Base Running, Fielding, and Bench Coaches. Must be able to demonstrate and explain skills to the players, and work within their abilities. Will be a good role model.

Umpiring – WYB uses and umpiring service for its Minors and Majors Divisions. However in the Low Minors Division the parents shoulder the majority of the umpiring responsibility. Volunteer to do some umpiring. We offer umpire clinics, rulebooks and assistance. No experience is necessary. Really! Let’s try to alleviate some of the responsibility from the managers and coaches so they can spend quality time with your kid and the team. Must insure the game is played in an orderly fashion by following all rules set forth by WYB. Should have a sense of fairness and a good understanding of the rules. To become an Umpire please contact Tim Formica at tmsls@verizon.net.

Team Support – This is one of our most important volunteer positions. Without team support the load of field maintenance, and other support type roles falls on the Head and Assistant Coaches. Volunteer to assist the coach in calling kids for practices and games. Organize any team activities such as pictures, parties, trophies, snacks, etc. Rake the fields before and after games, line fields for the game, and come out to help make WYB one of the best organizations with top level facilities in the area. Let your team manager know that you are willing to do this.

Team Sponsor – We ask for a small donation to the baseball organization. In return your company name will be set on the back of a team uniform. Sponsoring a team is a great way to participate. Additionally, there are multiple levels of sponsorship available.

Cal Ripken Tournaments – Each year, our league will participate in the Official Cal Ripken Tournament (District, State and Regional) games at Barness Park. The games have traditionally been held during the first week or so of July and could run through July into August. Volunteers are needed to prep the field, announce the games, and provide scorekeeping and overall supervision of each event. Proceeds from these tournaments are used to offset operational costs of WYB including field improvements, equipment purchases, etc.