Shop Online for New USABats

Still in the market for a new bat? Our USABat store has been reopened through Monday, February 12th. Your orders can be placed at

As many of you already know, the bat rules have changed for 2018. This affects in-house and travel players. Cal Ripken Baseball (WYB plays under the Cal Ripken jurisdiction) has adopted the USABat standard.

WYB has partnered up with Schuylkill Valley Sports to offer many of the bats in the marketplace at a discounted rate. While we understand that you have many choices where to order your child’s bat, we hope you consider making your discounted purchase from Schuylkill Valley Sports because of the savings you can take advantage of plus the rebates that can be earned for Warrington Youth Baseball.

There have been requests to offer some smaller sizes and less expensive options which Schuylkill Valley Sports was able to do. Please take a few minutes to check out all of the bats/options. There are a few available “Teeball” bats which are geared towards the younger ages and are available in 24, 25 and 26 inch sizes priced at $22. There are also some additional options between $35 and $88. While a lot of the bats available are in the “Performance” bat category ($100 and up), there are definitely other options for all budgets.

The online store will be open through Monday, February 12th. Your orders can be placed at